The other night, as I was doing our usual evening dinner and homework routine, Collin says, “Baba you’re always so serious, why don’t you sit next to me and take a look at my lego commercials.” (These are the lego commercials at the end of each instruction manual. He obv loves this activity and it relaxes him). 

I was a little thrown off but it made me laugh so I joined him on the couch. “I am pretty serious.” I thought to myself. 

Then another night… as I was doing Collin’s bedtime routine, I was in a rush and trying to get Collin to brush his teeth. Surprisingly, he was totally chill and it wasn’t frustrating at all. Then, Collin stopped me and said, “Baba I know you’re not mad right now but when you talk fast and use your deep voice, it feels like I’m in trouble.” 

“Is that how I sounded??” I asked. “YES,” he said. 

Indeed, these times are stressful and hectic. I’m sure this is how I’ve been showing up in general. I feel fortunate (and accountable) because I have such an observant, empathetic little one that is watching my every move and… pretty much tells me how it is. 

Since the pandemic, stress and so many things are off the charts!! From COVID and late stage capitalism to basic social and emotional issues at in-person school, there are so many things….