I started writing on my iphone the first week of parenting almost 5 years later and I’m finally putting our journey on paper (or online, I should say). Those earlier years were exhuasting and lonely but also inspiring and hopeful. Some of my best thinking on life, the world and politics came to me at that time. In 2016, we discovered that our son, Collin, is autistic, which made us realize how powerful love for a child can really be and the gifts that children on the spectrum bring to the world. For the last 10 years, I ran a social justice nonprofit in San Francisco / Bay Area which is called the Chinese Progressive Association and I’m active in progressive and left social movement spaces. I’m now the Executive Director of the Center for Empowered Politics and currently on a once and a lifetime 6 month family sabbatical in Vietnam. I’m an activist, an organizer, and a new baba. This is a blog on being a baba, parenting, and politics (and traveling). All opinions are my own.