Collin turned 8! Mychi had the idea of sending ourselves a message in 10 years when he turns 18. It was a great idea and he had a lot to say to himself!

Most of us don’t think in decades let alone years but it is a good human and movement practice. This is not a new idea either. The right wing has done this and has done it well. Social movements and revolutions have transformed societies through bold visions and multi-decade planning.

To me, a question I often ask is: How do we embody this practice? 

An Embodied Practice

For me, it first started when I met Mychi in 2005. It was not just finding love and our deep connection, it was also the way that I was transforming and become a better version of myself. I learned to love, share and struggle in all kinds of new ways. I didn’t realize this until much later that this laid the foundation for my capacity to grow, love and commit to anything long term.

At the same time, I started at CPA as a new organizer. I wanted to lay roots in the community where my family got their start. I wanted to learn how to organize in my native tongue and build across poor and working class communities. CPA eventually become my portal, my red door, to a much larger and transformative vision.

At first, I didn’t really know what it would take but I quickly realized that I had A LOT to learn…