This is for all the parents and guardians, for anyone who needs to hear it but especially for parents and guardians of autistic children. Never give up on yourself. Never give up on each other. You’re not alone.

This isn’t some kind of martyr mantra. This is about letting yourself be the best version of yourself while taking collective breaths, falls and steps together with the good people around you. In this system of capitalism, we often feel and/or get isolated but we are not alone.

I also wrote this because there were a number of social justice parents and guardians who have reached out in the last year about raising an autistic child. Every child is so different and beautiful in their own ways but the constant is that they are surrounded by hella love and a champion (or champions) by their side.

It has renewed my commitment to keep writing and sharing. As I’ve said before, Collin saved my life in so many ways AND, to be real, parenting an autistic has been one of the most transformative (and challenging) experiences I’ve ever had.

For parent(s) of awesome and autistic little ones, the entire neurotypical paradigm runs counter to the society we need. Even “normal” summer activities like going to summer school can be extremely stressful and difficult…