Lately, Collin has been telling me, “Baba, I’m brave and I don’t cry.” He would share how he got hurt but didn’t cry or how he wasn’t scared when something happened. These all important and make me proud but as a new baba, I often wonder how to show him that crying and emotions in general are not only okay but can be powerful.

So the other night, I was scrambling to find a story about this. Since Collin is into fiery things, I found that phoenixes are fierce AND emotional at the same time. In fact, according to Dumbledore from Harry Potter the phoenix can rise from the ashes (pretty awesome) and its tears can heal wounds (also pretty awesome but less known). (Note: I’m totally not a Harry Potter expert but a newer fan.)

This makes me think how we are fighting on so many fronts in these political times. Many of us, especially cis-men, want to stay “strong” and “visionary”.  But the reality is that we will win and lose battles in this moment and there will be a lot more crying and emotions before we rise from the ashes….