After going to four parties, the zoo and fairyland during the break, Mychi and I realized a few things. When there are a lot of social activities/parties, Collin needs his alone time, a quiet space and/or mini-breaks during and after parties.

Don’t get me wrong, Collin LOVES parties! In fact, I think he sees me as his personal driver on weekends. But as an autistic, these parties can be a sensory overload.

What does this mean? Unlike what most people understand about autism, Collin feels, sees, hears so much more than we do. He has incredible capacity to receive and sometimes it is a lot to process.

At first, it was about having the “right” space or “safe” space for Collin but then we ended up inadvertently isolating him. Most parties are pretty loud and high sensory. I still remember going to parties where we just stay outside the entire time! Then, we learned to be in imperfect spaces and build our capacities around that. We are learning to create BOLD spaces with our community and learning to give him space and not to isolate him.

Here are some of our learnings:….