This is a quick read on how to talk about China, Chinese people and COVID19. This is MY perspective and mine alone. Please read my earlier piece on “We are the Majority: Remembering Grace in these times.” This one doesn’t have any nice pictures or graphics but maybe a bit more snark. I’ve also been inspired by W. Kamau Bell’s “Me and Bruce Lee Would Like to have a word with you” and Eddie Wong’s “WTF Stop Anti-Asian Hate.”

1. China is BIG and the people are very diverse. This might be a very obvious point but it needs to be said because… I guess people still lump ALL Chinese people together. There are 1.4 billion people in China, the largest city is Shanghai at 26 million people (fyi San Francisco is only 800K people). It is still the largest working class in the world… So when you talk about China, please do NOT over generalize….