The last couple weeks have been a blur and blitz of “homeschooling” and zoom calls. We’re beginning to feel our new normal. For the most part, we have the day to day routine down. We’re homeschzooming with realistic expectations like virtual preschool circle time and book reading (awesome!), some experimental parent teaching and basically more screen time. So maybe we forgot to brush our teeth or change our clothes and maybe missed a meal but hey this is our new normal (!) 

Highlight: Social distancing is very different for intergenerational households. It is isolation in a different way because there is actually a lot of human connection within our unit. I thought our 6 month sabbatical in Vietnam was a lot of family time but wow now there is a lot of family time and definitely a LOT of baba time. It has been beautiful and it has been stressful too. These times will be cherished and remembered for sure. 

Challenge: Collin is very aware of the impact of COVID-19, maybe a bit too much. On week one, we attempted to do a family walk around Lake Merritt, one of his favorite activities. He really wanted to go to the playground but the minute I hinted that there might be a lot of people, he screamed, “I’m not going outside until the CoronaVirus is gone!!” I worry what these times will do to the mental health of the little ones. This entire generation will change, we will all change from this. 🙁

First world problems: I got kicked off of my zoom call because we were trying to do 3 zoom calls in the house! Mychi was on a zoom call for work and Collin was on zoom for virtual preschool circle time. Go figure.

As this crisis and pandemic continues to unravel in the coming weeks and months, the deaths and spread will only get worse….