We had a pretty fun and packed Labor day vacation but the guilt began to seep in as the plane landed and as we returned home at midnight on Monday. Mychi and I both had long back to back days this week and no matter how intentional we wanted to be at that moment, we knew the transition back wasn’t going to be easy on Collin (and us).

Sometimes you see the storm coming, sometimes you don’t. And that is okay. By day 2 of vacation, I could tell Collin was experiencing social and physical exhaustion. He was taking super long naps (2.5 hours!) and his sensitivities were particularly high but I could tell he was really trying to enjoy himself. We went to the zoo (twice even!), went swimming and visited friends and family.

Still, it felt like he was missing his stability, his comfort, his routine. By day 3, he said he missed “brown house,” our home. Don’t get me wrong, he had a GREAT time but it was a reminder that we all need some space….