Last month was one of those months… It was hectic on all levels and I saw it coming. From morning drop off, writing deadlines and meetings/rallies to illness, more deadlines and bedtime routines, there were times I felt like a task master just going through the motions. And honestly, 2018 is just going to get more intense. We are taught to “suck it up”, “lean in” and my fav “power through.” So how do we stay present in the eye of the storm?

This reminded me of a lesson from early parenting. As a new baba, life was kinda hectic. I tried on a lot of new things but nothing scared me more than cutting Collin’s tiny finger nails. The only time we could cut his nails was when he was asleep; when we didn’t cut his nails, he’d pull off his hand socks and claw up his little face up!!….