Turning 44

I turned 44 last week and I’m letting it all soak in. In the pandemic and the new uprising, I’m not able to be on the streets as much but there is a role for everyone. What is my role in this moment? Am I living with joy and purpose?

Sometimes we get stuck and don’t know what we’re supposed to be doing but at the end of the day we should all be doing something. But, do what and with who? What if it is wrong?? 

I’ve also been coming back to these themes: trust, wisdom and practice.

TRUST – I’m grateful that I found a team/squad to roll with. A team that I built a baseline of trust with through the years.

WISDOM – I’ve been able to access the wisdom of generations before and the wisdom of young people.

PRACTICE – More importantly, I feel alive in practicing and doing sh*t together (and winning!). All these things bring me joy and purpose in these times.

I’m feeling grounded in this moment and see my role as an (awesome) baba, steward and yelder (young elder). My yelder advice is to find your lane, hone your craft, bring in new people and stay in connection with others.