As our family sabbatical and year closes, I thought I’d write about how I’ve learned to change the last 6 months. It was humbling to have a beginners mind on many aspects of life but I didn’t realize we would learn so much from Collin every day. He adapted so well to the new conditions around him. Little humans are so powerful!

For many children, especial autistics like Collin, many (including us) focus on the challenges of their rigidity and inflexibility. A transition like this would be unthinkable. In actuality, it was not. It did. however, require each of us to grow and change in new ways together.

For more context, this sabbatical is the most time we have spent together as a family unit with little or no support from family or community. (It’s a total privilege to be out here so no tears here, just sayin’.) We did not know how it was going to pan out, to be honest.

This is not to say there were not challenging moments….