Parenting was hard before COVID-19. Parenting in 2020 was…. next level. There are no words can describe the…

Sleepless nights.

Social and emotional distress.

BIG feelings. All the feels.

Snapping, yelling at each other.

Double and triple time of homeschooling and parenting (while still doing paid work!!)

The questions! The endless questions. Why can’t we go outside? Why can’t I see my friends? Why can’t we make masks out of vibranium?

Soothing, counseling and coaching.

Lack of any personal space.

It is all too humbling…

I’m ready for 2020 to be done but WE. MADE. IT. And to be clear it was about winning big and small towards a much larger vision and purpose. I’m excited to get some time this month to reflect. This is the time of the year I do a “self retreat” to take stock of my year (or years it seems for 2020). A year ago, we were on our way back from Vietnam (!!). These years will be memorable if not formidable….