This is a late post but it is never too late to give some birthday shine to our lovely little boy, Collin, who just turned 6!!

Thank you Collin for bringing BIG smiles and joy to our hearts, being a great co-working buddy during SIP, showing us how much you want to grow up. I love how eager you are to learn and be part of this complex world.

The other day, Collin said, “You’re doing it again… I can hear you, you’re talking about them again.” He’s been asking me to stop talking about the white people (white supremacists). After some denial, my heart sank a little bit because it reminded me (again) just how toxic this moment is and how so many of us parents are just doing our best in these unprecedented times. (and it reminded me how im not always a fun co-working buddy.)

Back to Collin, here are his six year old goals, some suggested by me of course, but he added #4 and #5. 

1. Eat by myself

2. Stay calm when mad and sad

3. Learn to read a book

4. Talk clearly

5. Get Trump out of office

Already, he’s trying really hard with #1 & #2. Woohoo! #3 will take some time. I’m really proud of #4. Collin is very aware of what he needs. He knows that he is not always able to articulate all the great things in his mind. We’ve come a long way! This time last year, he was frustrated that I (and we) couldn’t “read his mind”. And #5 he said he cant do it alone but will talk to people and make speeches.

I’ll admit I can be a tiger baba (at times) but no matter what I’m always so proud of him and rooting for him everyday.

Happy 6th bday to Collin, our not so little boy!

(This was originally posted on facebook!)

picture of the bday zoom party

bday group pic of our pod!

The 6 year old goals!

Collin in his happy place – on his bike at the Oakland Embarcadero staring at the boats.

Big smiles of Collin waiting patiently as we have our first outdoor meal on the Embarcadero in Oakland.