Not quite but getting closer. I gave myself a few weeks to decompress and take care of loose ends. I created some spaciousness because sabbaticals shouldn’t be stressful yet it is stressful to think that the trip is happening so soon!

What have I been doing? 

Sabbatical prep: I’ve been packing, cleaning and moving this week. We are trying to get our home rented out (not an easy task). If you are privileged to have a home, it also makes sabbaticals abroad more complicated. You should get a property manager (lesson learned).

Relaxed dress code: I’m not gonna lie. I like (or love) wearing t-shirts I don’t usually wear and shorts. ALL. DAY. LONG. I also don’t really comb my hair, smile much, or have a lot of social interaction. It has been an introvert’s paradise the past week. 

Eating things I’ll miss: I’ve had chicken and waffles and Mexican food twice already. I still have my staple of Vietnamese food but there will be plenty of that in Vietnam. 

Image of me wearing my “I’m not lovin’ it” English and Chinese shirt. The chicken and waffles restaurant is in the background.

A mental sabbatical: I feel lighter but I’ll admit, I’m still working! I hope to unplug soon but also being gentle for what it is and what it isn’t. I’m literally trying to finish things and not trying to hold onto things. So that feels good. I still have my last work trip to Puerto Rico next week then the following week is Vietnam!  

Space for life and love: I have more space for me, Collin and Mychi. We’ve had a tiny bit more space to talk and slow down. The last couple weekends, I’ve taken Collin biking around Lake Merritt, which is by our house. He’s built up his endurance so I started running around the lake with him. (Ok, just a mile of the lake.) But still! I didn’t ever imagine running for a long time single my ankle injury a few years ago. Now, that’s love. 

Some Ponderings: The week before my sabbatical, my hair began to gray on the sides. I can’t tell if this is because of my sabbatical that my wisdom is growing or if is because I turn 43 in a week. No need for an answer, just pondering! 

Until next time.