I repeatedly said to myself that I was going to avoid saying that they are putting kids in cages to Collin as we were driving over to go to the Families Belong Together children’s rally in Oakland yesterday.

To prepare, I read some of the parent blogs and educational resources. I tried to give context and background but when the time came, I froze and said, “they’re putting kids in cages…”

Collin immediately reacted.

He got really concerned and kept asking, “WHY?” “Why, baba!?” “Why are they putting kids in jail?” Why are they doing that? Then we got into how kids are getting separated from their parents… and finally we ended with Donald Trump being a bad BAD (insert bathroom word) person.

Then, as things sunk in more, he cried, “If they take me away from you and mama, I’m going to be really sad…!” This was the hardest part. I did myself to get it together and re-center.

img_3445As my sadness grew, my strength grew, as well. I looked directly at him with my teary eyes and said, “We will always be there for you. Baba will always protect you.”

I know it is much deeper than all this, and someday we will go there but that day it was just enough. That day my commitment grew that much more.

In these more emotional and heavy times, I keep coming back to what is at stake for all of us. Because of war, state and police violence, the criminalization of Black and Brown communities, this is not new and families have been torn apart for centuries, if not longer. But the conditions and rage feels qualitatively different. It is time to dig even deeper than before. We can choose to channel our rage to “grow our souls” collectively or become isolated and numb on our own.

Looking back into our past, the only times we have been able to defeat (proto)fascism is by digging deeper and uniting towards our collective liberation. It has never been about one child or one person — it has been about all of us. This is the time to make the impossible possible, time for BOLDER demands and deeper connectivity. It is time for greater love and care for ourselves and each other.

Im writing this as we head down to San Diego to join Mijente’s #FreeOurFuture #AbolishICE protests. I’m glad to have support to be able to roll with the beautiful Bay Area Caravan organized by Hand in Hand and The Majority. Looking forward to re-connect with all the badass organizers in San Diego and across the country. <3


Photo Credit: Props to Brooke Anderson for the beautiful group photo right before we board the Bay Area #FreeOurFutures Caravan.