This comes after a week of difficult nights (and bizarre local politics). Collin has not been sleeping well — like consistently having 4 hour bedtime routines (8 pm – 12 am!) and still waking up (sometimes with nightmares) in the middle of the night. It’s been, what’s the word, exhausting and a test of endurance.

Then, the other night as I was picking him up from pre-school, one of his classmates got hurt. Immediately, he stopped, got really concerned and sad. He wanted to know if she was okay. That’s when a little of this tension melted away. “Breathe… it’s going to be okay,” I thought to myself. It just reminded me of his (super)power to deeply feel.

As an awesome autistic, he has greater sensory at all levels, a power he has yet to fully harness, but a superpower nonetheless. It also reminded me of the hidden superpowers we all have in different ways. Of course, he kept trying to ask if she was ok but it was not super loud or direct. That’s for next time. Have a great weekend everyone!

Our child has superpowers.

Our child sees things we don’t see.

Our child hears things we can’t hear.

Our child can eat a lot of pop corn.

Our child feels deeply.

Our child makes us laugh when things are tense.

Our child breaks sound barriers when he cries.

Our child has taught us to be more intentional, loving, and compassionate.

He has taught me to surrender and be vulnerable.

He has taught me to access my own superpowers to be a bold, present, baba. <3


Image of Collin outside in the driveway waving at the camera. He is wearing a yellow firefighter rain coat and holding a red fire truck lunch box and wearing dinosaur rainboots. the sidewalk and street is in the background.