Literally, everyday, I’m stretching. I do it at least twice a day, sometimes three times a day. I do this in the mornings, sometimes in meetings, or when I’m with Collin. I injured my ankle several years ago after not training enough for a half marathon run. Well, I finally got it checked out last month. The physical therapist said that it is not about fully healing but that it is about stretching everyday. There is muscle memory that needs constant stretching for my ankles to get stronger so that I can start taking baby steps to exercise or run again.

I think about how I’m stretching in other ways. I’m stretching to be a good baba, partner, friend and comrade. I know I am and can be these things but I don’t have to pressure myself to be these things at all times.

Stretching ourselves is a journey. It is something we do everyday until it is just part of our daily practice. It is not something we rush but part of the long arch of our own lives. How do we keep stretching towards our purpose everyday?

With the state of the world and the desire to be present for Collin, I think about the danger of over stretching. And if it happens, that’s okay too. Sometimes when I have a moment, I sit still, breathe, and remind myself to be compassionate to myself. I remember that I’m doing my best, no more, no less. Somedays my 100% is another day’s 80%. More than anything, I remember to reach towards others and not do this in isolation.

Stretching ourselves is a journey. It is something we do everyday until it is just part of our daily practice.

I remember the big and small things in life. When Collin has BIG smiles while he talks about his new friends in preschool, when others around me step up in such powerful ways, when I see the love and support from our community, when I see how we are inspiring new people to be part of this movement – all this grounds me and keeps me going.

At the end of the day, my purpose and commitment is being a BOLD, PRESENT, BABA. I keep coming back this every morning.

I’m stretching everyday and getting ready to get back to exercising and running. We are all stretching in many ways, how are you stretching?

img_4887 (Image of Collin with BIG smiles enjoying the little things in life like a balloon at a birthday party. He is smiling at the camera and carrying a blue balloon inside someone’s home.)