(Image of HERE Local 2’s strike victory party in the 1980s. There is a diverse room full of people clapping and chanting with a huge banner in the back in Spanish, Chinese and English, “Victory to the Local 2 strikers!” I chose this picture because CPA’s labor solidarity work in the 1980s was critical and my grand-uncle Michael Au is pictured. He was a shop steward at the Miyako Hotel in Japantown.)


As CPA is about to celebrate our 45th anniversary, I’m reminded of the sources of strength and inspiration I have around me. From the many generations before us to the generations to come, THIS is the team I want to build the world with. It is where I’ve become humbled, where I’ve struggled and made mistakes, where I’ve planted and grown my revolutionary seeds, where I’ve transformed myself and others, and where I’ve formed my deepest friendships and fam. This is the DREAM team. In my 14th year, I have a lot of love and gratitude for the people I work with each and everyday.

Looking back at photos through the decades, I’m always in awe of the richness of our long arch of change. As I learned from the good tai chi teachings of Norma Wong and Helen Kim, we need to reach back at our history with no judgement and bring it all forward to the present and future. I think about this everyday.

I’ve been thinking a bunch about how I (and we) ended up at CPA. I’d like to think about it as our life force bringing us together.

Whatever it is, this is the kind of world and economy I want to build. It is not ‘perfect’ but constantly growing and evolving, where folks are supported, held, and challenged to be their best selves.

Finally looking back at the photos, it also brought me some heaviness. In so many of Collins photos, he looked so pensive and misunderstood with little to no eye contact and not a lot of words. We are SO much more aware and present for him now, especially after all the love, therapy and support. AND we are more ready to teach our community about the gifts he brings to the world.

I don’t think our family would have gotten through this difficult year had it not been for the foundation we built and for the good people in this organization. Thank you and much love to the DREAM team <3 See you all tomorrow at CPA’s 45th Anniversary!!