img_3339I’m appreciating many of you who have approached me directly or on Facebook about my personal writing. I’m committed to bringing my whole self into all the worlds I’m in. What I learn from being a baba, parenting and politics are all in the same. It is truly transformational when I bring these worlds together. I’m realizing more and more that in these times when the system is trying to dehumanize us and deform our relations, we need to go back to the basics.

For example, the movement can learn a lot from preschool. This week, Collin did amazing during circle time and took a bow. I’m grateful for his teachers for lifting and seeing his growth and development. For some time, he had trouble focusing at circle time but this week he really progressed. The sound of the week was “A for like apple” and one day someone brought a book on Africa. When Collin was asked about one of the colors on the flag, he answered correctly and said, “yellow,” which is still hard for him to pronounce (He says “Lellow” still). The teachers praised him and asked him to stand up to take down bow. He then stood up and took a bow! I missed the moment but very proud of our kiddo. When we got home, we did the play-by-play and asked him to show us how he took a bow. it was so cute.

I’m clear we are in a protracted struggle and we need people everywhere on all fronts. There are (and will continue to be) things coming at us. This weeks’s lesson for me is learning how to celebrate big and small things and learning how to take a bow. We need to learn to renew, recover, take turns and retreat/advance. Be on offense/defense at various times. We also need to learn how to celebrate, lift each other up and, yes, take bows. Who stepped up around you? who stepped back? Who supports you? Who keeps you calm and centered in these times? What is something you did? Who should take a bow in your life? Damn, let’s all take a bow! In these times, lets keep coming back to our agency and self/collective worth. Let’s keep building on our protagonism and human development — our lives and future depend on it. #backtobasics #preschool #takeabow 


(Above is a black and white image of Collin walking in the Redwoods looking up at his balloon, which is not in the image. Below is a video of Collin stepping up at school during Friday’s dance class and passing out drum sticks to his classmates. They are all sitting down facing the dance teacher while Collin walks around passing out the drum sticks as their names are being called. You can tell it is a stretch for him and he is taking his task seriously.) 



(Originally posted on facebook Sept 3, 2017)