Today I’m gonna pause on the (cute) posts about Collin and lift up the amazing foundation Mychi and I have built together the last 7 years. Happy Anniversary to us, baby!! I couldn’t think of a better partner, co-parent, who makes me a better person everyday. Our love and commitment is what allows us to care for each other, Collin and our community.

Many have commented on how great we have been to care for a child on the spectrum. This is true to a degree but honesty autism didn’t “bring us together”. We been spending years building deep trust, vulnerability, mutual respect, a strong community.. and then more trust. this is how I get through the hard times with Collin (and the political moment) and how I celebrate all the joy and love that Collin brings to our lives. His superpower and strength is to replenish us each and everyday <3

Here is a rare selfie of us on one of our annual “couples retreats” (really, a day retreat) in Half Moon Bay. We’ve been doing these retreats annually to check in with each other, debrief the year and life/plan. And thank you to many of you who have supported us along the way! #Love #Commitment #MoreThanAVillage

(Image of me and Mychi doing a selfie at a Half Moon Bay beach with rocks behind us.)

(Originally posted on facebook on August 28, 2017)